Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome - PAS

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Deadbeat Moms  Hostile Aggressive Parenting  *  Malicious Mother Syndrome

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Parental Alienation 

Stop Parental Alienation!



Parental Alienation is KIDNAPPING - Part 1

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Parental Alienation Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome - PAS

What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

Parental Alienation Syndrome or "PAS" was first identified by forensic psychiatrist Dr. Richard A. Gardner in divorces and child-custody cases.  Dr. Gardner identified "Parental Alienation Syndrome" in 1987.   

Dr. Gardner, in first-hand clinical evaluations and observations, noticed there was a dramatic increase in the frequency of a one parent, most often the ex-wife, or soon-to-be-ex-wife, who had systematically begun programming, brainwashing, denigrating, or otherwise attempting to estrange or alienate the child/children from the father as well as "motivating" the child/children to instill hatred toward their father.

Dr. Gardner observed that parental alienation wasn't just brainwashing or programming by the mother, but was egregiously exacerbated by "mothers" that he referred to as "self-created contributions" by the child/children supporting the alienating mother's campaign of denigration against the father.  This escalation was then suggested these women/mothers has a disorder that he referred to as Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

Dr. Gardner's definition of Parental Alienation Syndrome is:

*  Parental Alienation Syndrome is a disorder that arises primarily in the in divorces and child-custody litigation.

*  The primary manifestation of PAS is the child's/children's campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification. 

*  Parental Alienation Syndrome results from the combination of a programming or brainwashing of a mother's indoctrinations and the child's own contributions to the vilification of the child's/children's father.


Parental Alienation Syndrome

Deadbeat Moms  Hostile Aggressive Parenting  *  Malicious Mother Syndrome

Parentectomy  Reverse Custody  Stop Parental Alienation



What are Parental Alienation Resources?

Parent Alienation Resources are the "tools" a Dad and his team, which typically includes support group, including;  his family, attorney, counselor and a psychologist. The attorney and counselor should be educated in the areas of parental alienation which is used extensively by "mothers" as a way to get a father's children to hate him or otherwise turn a father's own children against him.  Parental alienation is an evil, vindictive tool of ex-wives/soon-to-be-ex-wives that destroys children emotionally and is one of the worst, if not the very worst, form of child abuse.

What is "Parentectomy"?

Parentectomy is, according to many, the "most evil of all forms of child abuse" and others calling it the "ultimate hate crime." When one parent (normally the "mother" and ex-wife) is waging a war of revenge against the child's/children's dad in alienating activities, so as to force the child/children to denigrate, disparage and even hate their dad, and end any involvement in the father's child's life, this is a "parentectomy."  

A parentectomy - which is the intentional removal of a dad (sometimes a mom) from his child's/children's lives, is not only evil incarnate, but emotionally impairs a child so severely, the child may never recover or have a "normal" life.

What these evil and alienating women fail to understand, is that when they think they are conducting these parentectomy campaigns of evil, hate and rage against the children's dad - they are also inflicting the same evil, hate and rage against the children and will suffer the consequences sooner or later.  These alienating women are so filled with hate and rage against the children's fathers, that most would think they "own" the children or are their "possessions" and that the children must have these same feelings of hate and rage against their dads. Another interesting failure these hate-filled women don't recognize, is that 1/2 of every child's DNA, came from their dad, and it's not "normal" for a child to hate his/her dad, that it is "taught" by the mother. 


Hostile Aggressive Parenting

What is Hostile Aggressive Parenting?

Hostile Aggressive Parenting is a very serious form of emotional child abuse and frequently encountered in many high conflict divorces and child-custody disputes.  Hostile Aggressive Parenting is often deployed by one parent, more frequently by women,  to align their child/children with them during and after the divorce.  

Most fathers, as well as a few mothers and grandparents - in addition to the child/children - are the parent with custody denying parenting time for selfish reasons.

Hostile Aggressive Parenting has been defined as: 

A general pattern of behavior, manipulation, actions, decision-making or outright emotional abuse of a child/children, (normally by the mother) that;

Hostile Aggressive Parenting can be present in almost any situation where two or more people involved in a childís life - and disagree with each other over how the child/children are to be raised.  

Hostile Aggressive Parenting can be present even when the child's/children's parents are still living together.

Hostile Aggressive Parenting is sometimes confused with Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) which is a term developed by Dr. Richard Gardner, who discovered that Hostile Aggressive Parenting and Parental Alienation Syndrome are related, but different. Hostile Aggressive Parenting refers to the behaviors, actions and decisions of a parent whereas, Parental Alienation Syndrome relates to the psychological condition/abuse/mis-treatment of the child/children. In most cases, Hostile Aggressive Parenting is the cause of Parental Alienation Syndrome

Hostile Aggressive Parenting is not limited to the biological mother (and/or father) of the child/children, but also applies to grandparents, other family members, daycare providers and to any other person who may be involved in caring and rearing of a child/children. 

In some cases, Hostile Aggressive Parenting may even involve a parent in dispute with the childís grandparents, sometimes the parentís very own parent. 

Any form of emotional child abuse or other unhealthy interference to a normal, healthy relationship between a child and a person (most often the mother) caused by another person or agency having some control or influence over the child, is wrong and ultimately causes emotional and psychological harm to the child.

Deadbeat Moms


Who are "Deadbeat Moms"?

First of all, over 250% more mothers than fathers - are in arrears in making child support payments.

These are "deadbeat moms" who deny their children the financial support they need.

But there is another form of deadbeat moms, these are the ones that abuse their children through emotional child abuse in "poisoning" the child's/children's relationship with their dad.

Emotionally speaking, a deadbeat mom is a "mother" that alienates a father's child from him.  A woman that hates the child's father more than she loves the child.

There are over 250% more Deadbeat Moms than Dads that fail to pay child support and they go un-prosecuted and are not thrown in jail. Yet, dads that don't pay child support ARE prosecuted and jailed.

Why is there a double-standard in family courts that are blatantly prejudiced against dads?

When courts and judges are blatantly biased against men and fathers, and fail to place the interests of the children first and foremost, by not prosecuting deadbeat "moms" and those women that are guilty of parental alienation, they are also abusing the innocent children as well as the fathers, causing serious emotional abuse/harm to these children, probably for the rest of their lives. 

Family courts and judges are equally responsible for the emotional abuse of children when they do not order "equal custody" and are "inviting" emotionally disturbed and psychologically-impaired women to stop the alienation of children from their fathers - when the courts fail to award "equal custody." 

We Support "Equal Custody" for children of divorce to end the emotional abuse of children by deadbeat moms, and malicious mothers.


Parental Alienation Syndrome


Parental Alienation 


Interference with Child Custody


"Interference with Child Custody" is a 3rd degree Felony in many states, and is a common ploy used by "deadbeat moms" to alienate a child or children from their father.

Parental Alienation destroys children's lives and they grow up without knowing who they really are, and they lose out on the love only a father can provide. 

Interference with Child Custody should be prosecuted, like any other Felony, by the District Attorney's office.  All too often, prosecutors who aggressively and relentlessly pursue "deadbeat dads" for failing to pay financial support for their children, turn a blind-eye to the the "deadbeat moms" who deprive children from the "emotional support" by interfering with child custody.

Now, Dad's Against Discrimination, has a tool in its arsenal to expose prosecutors who fail to do their jobs by enforcing the "emotional support" orders of the court as it relates to child custody. Dad's Against Discrimination has acquired the website:

and we will begin exposing prosecutors who deprive children of their rights to the emotional support of their Dads, by failing to prosecute deadbeat moms for Interference with Child Custody.


How Removing a Dad's Love from His Child's Life

Through Parental Alienation Syndrome By "Malicious Mothers"
and Malicious Mothers Syndrome are Destroying Children's Lives 
and Children's Hopes for a Normal Life

Abusive behaviors used by "mothers" lawyers and the Courts, and by anti-child "feminists" that abuse the Laws across this land in Divorce Related issues. 

Simply having a vagina, two ovaries, one uterus, and two breasts no longer qualifies that person as the better parent for courts to automatically award her custody of the child/children of divorce.

Dad's are quite capable of providing the love, nurturing, care and support children of divorce need. Why is it that dad's still only get awarded primary custody in less than 20% of all divorces? 

Why are our courts, attorney's and judges still living like we're in the 19th century through the "automatic" awarding of children to the "mother?"  

These individuals have caused major psychological and emotional trauma on the innocent children of marriages that have ended in divorce, and prevent a loving Dad that wants to co-parent his child/children, but are prevented and thwarted due to the "evil" inflicted by an un-forgiving ex-wife and "mother" on their children. 

Women have always been "automatically" awarded custody of children in divorce cases. They have their "equal rights."

When do the innocent children and loving dad's get "equal rights" and custody, and when are the courts going to wake up to the serious emotional and psychological harm that is being done to America's children of divorce, by these "malicious mothers"?

It's time for America to join the 21st century and for courts to start awarding custody to Dad's in at least 50% of all divorce cases where each parent is equally qualified, and STOP ending their discrimination against men and their children!


Petition For Redress of Grievances


Criminal Section, Civil Rights Division
United States Department of Justice
Washington, D.C.

We the undersigned Men, Fathers, Husbands and Concerned Citizens of the United States of America, hereby petition the U.S. Government for redress of grievances. We demand a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into the Civil Justice Systems of the various States of the United States. We charge the Civil Courts, specifically the Domestic Relations/Family Courts, Circuit Courts and judges, with blatant and gross gender bias and prejudice against men, and in favor of women in the vast majority of divorce cases involving child custody, visitation, property division and child support.

In these Courts of Injustice, men are discriminated against in nearly all cases involving women, and occasionally women are denied their constitutional rights to equality and parenthood as well.

We demand equality for all parents. In most cases, however, men's constitutional rights to raise our children, to life, liberty and property are systematically violated. Men are treated as though guilty from the very start, denied due process, and forced to endure the destruction of our parenthood and alienation from our children due to the existence of statutes providing for forced unequal custody orders in direct violation of the guarantees of due process, equal protection of the laws, and the liberty interest in the family under the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

We demand a full and impartial investigation, state by state, district by district. We demand abolition of all statutes which allow forced unequal custody orders against law-abiding parents absent a compelling state interest, which statutes promote the "winner take all", adversarial process that destroys parent-child relations and preclude a level playing field which is vital for parents to cooperate in rearing children after a divorce.

We demand justice and compensation for emotional damages suffered by this illegal, state-sponsored terrorism and kidnapping of our children, loss of family relations, and financial damages from fighting this corrupt divorce industry presided over by state family law judges.




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Is your ex-wife abusing your children emotionally or 
psychologically by denying them - and you - 
the custody you were awarded and the time with your 
children that they deserve, want and need?

Increasingly, more and more family courts are 
Acting to Stop Parental Alienation 
by Reversing Custody back to Dads When 
"Malicious Moms" and "Deadbeat Moms" 
are Found to be Psychologically 
Abusing Children of Divorce Through: 

Malicious Mother Syndrome

Parental Alienation Syndrome

Hostile Aggressive Parenting

We have attorneys that may be able to stop the child abuse
and Reverse Custody of Children Back to Dads  

Children of divorce need both parents, equally, PERIOD!

Children of divorce need equal time with both parents. 

"Equal Custody" will help prevent Parental Alienation and the emotional abuse of children by psychologically-impaired and emotionally-disturbed divorced "mothers."



Parental Alienation 


The Alienation of Children Is Child Abuse
by Dr. J. Michael Bone




Stop Parental Alienation!





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Parental Alienation Syndrome



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